Race Ambassador

Kieren D’souza is the inimitable, ground breaking, multiple ultra marathon runner who won the first position in the 100 miles Salomon Bhatti Lakes Ultra and in the 111kms long gruelling La Ultra – The High race in India. He finished second in the under 25 years category in the CCC (UTMB) 101 km Mountain Race in France and was the first and only Indian to compete in and complete the 246 km long Spartathlon Athens in Sparta, Greece and to have broken into the top 100 in the World Championship.

His penchant for performing exceptionally well in novel yet arduous terrains, whether road or trail as well as his love for exploring various marathon formats, drew Kieren into making Chambal Challenge a truly world class race.

Race Director

Ajay, a professional Basket Ball Player whose sporting career was cut short because of injuries. An MBA from a top ranking Business School he gave up a promising corporate career to start into fitness. 

“Having suffered numerous injuries I wanted to provide safe and effective exercise options that can engage a person into a lifetime quest of self improvement. Competitive sports are too demanding and have a short life span. I was looking for a sport where everyone wins and  running became a natural choice.” says Ajay.

With a background in Team Sports, Ajay promoted running as a community sport and not as an individual sport. When Ajay read about Raramurian philosophy and culture, it also echoed with his sentiments and he felt rightly aligned, bringing Chambal Challenge to fruition as a result.

Principal Partner - Vibrant Academy (Ind) Pvt Ltd

Mr. Joshi’s connect with the event goes beyond merely being a sporty sponsor. In the conception stage of the event in 2016, he ran the distance with the Race Director Mr. Sethi. He was part of the core production team of the 1st formal edition of Chambal Challenge in 2017. An avid runner who believes in Raramurian philosophy that Chambal Challenge and Inshape Runner’s Club represents. 

Mr. Pankaj Joshi of Vibrant Academy Kota, represents a team of 7 directors on board and among them they have accumulated experience of National, International, Ultramarathons and most recently Half Ironman as well. As principal partners they add strenght to make Chambal Challenge a Vibrant event. 

Event Co-ordinator

In a true Raramurian fashion Avinash has nurtured the running community, like a family. Making sure that values of co-operation, camaraderie and brotherhood, permeate evenly.

A true believer in learning by doing, Avinash has very gradually shaped himself into an ultra marathoner. Starting from regularly and consistently bettering his own performance at some of the best marathoning events in India, he recently made a nose dive into ultra distance running by completing the Tuffman ultra.

At Chambal Challenge, Avinash not only brings his enthusiasm in putting together a great race, but also hundreds of miles of running experience in observing and creating world class races.

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